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Newsletter Wizard Pro
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Drag and drop responsive newsletter builder and email marketing solution to allow you put together professional responsive newsletters quickly and send them to highly targeted mailing lists


  • 6 months free support
  • Quality approved by Prestashop
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
Newsletter Wizard Pro - Prestashop Module
  • Powerful drag and drop newsletter builder
  • Build responsive newsletters in no time
  • Great set of content tools to help you build great content, including Images, Image groups, buttons, text blocks, custom code, social links and more.
  • Effortlessly customize the look and feel of your newsletter, including the header, body and footer and content blocks to all areas of your newsletter
  • Create grabbing subject lines for your newsletters with Emojis
  • Create highly targeted mailing lists based on conditions, including number of orders placed, dates of orders, dates of customer registration, products purchased and more and combine these to ensure your campaign reaches your intended audience.
  • Schedule your newsletters for sending on a particular date and time, so you can get on with other things.
  • and many more features... see below

Powerful Email Marketing and Newsletter Builder for Prestashop

Crafting stunning newsletters and reaching out to your target audience has never been easier with our drag and drop responsive newsletter builder and email marketing solution designed for Prestashop. With its intuitive interface, creating professional and polished newsletters is just a breeze. Send your newsletters to your highly targeted mailing lists in no time, and elevate your marketing game with ease. Don't wait any longer to connect with your customers!

Maximize Your Sales Potential with Newsletter Wizard Pro for Prestashop!

As a business owner, communicating with your customers is crucial, and running newsletter campaigns is a great way to increase sales and foster customer loyalty. But with the abundance of information available online, it's also important to send relevant and trustworthy content.

That's where Newsletter Wizard Pro comes in! Our module is designed specifically to help you achieve this goal with ease. As a busy business owner, we understand the need for efficient and user-friendly tools to create stunning email campaigns. Our built-in newsletter builder allows you to simply drag and drop elements to design your next campaign, making it the most powerful newsletter wysiwyg builder module for Prestashop.

Reach the Right Audience with Highly Targeted Mailing Lists

But it's not just about creating visually appealing newsletters. You also need to send them out to the right people. With our module, you can create highly targeted mailing lists based on specific conditions, such as new customers, customers who haven't placed an order in a while, or customers who've purchased certain products. You can even combine multiple conditions to create truly personalized and relevant campaigns for your customers.

Here are just a small example of the types targeting mailing lists you can create

  • New customers only who have never placed orders
  • Customers who have not placed orders in the last X months
  • Customers who have purchased specific products products from specific categories

Don't allow your customers to forget about you

We know that your customers have busy lives and it's easy for them to forget about your brand amidst the sea of information out there. That's why it's crucial to remind them of your great offers or news in a non-intrusive way. With Newsletter Wizard Pro for Prestashop, you can achieve just that!

Our module allows you to deliver only the most relevant and engaging content to your customers who have opted in for newsletters. This ensures that your newsletters don't end up in their spam folder, and that they appreciate the valuable information you're sending their way.

With Newsletter Wizard Pro, you can customize your content to fit your customers' interests, so they stay interested in your brand and keep coming back for more. Let us help you stay top of mind and boost your customer loyalty today!

Multi Shop and Multi Language Support
Multi Shop and Multi Language Support
The module is fully compatible with Multishop Prestashop installations
All module texts can be translated in the back office for the installed languages in your store
Free & Super Fast 3 Months Support
Free & Super Fast 3 Months Support
We're rated 99.47% for our support quality and response time on official Prestashop marketplace
Developed by Prestashop Professionals
Developed by Prestashop Professionals
Ranked with the SuperHero status on the official Prestashop Marketplace, the highest rank possible. You're in safe hands
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