Loyalty Reward Points

Reward your customers with loyalty points for purchases and referrals and allow them to redeem points quickly during checkout without requiring them to generate vouchers like many other Loyalty modules for Prestashop

Delivery Dates Wizard Pro

Allow your customers to select a delivery a date and / or time for their order delivery or pickup, during checkout. Create flexible schedules and offer multiple interfaces for selection.

Age Verify

Ensure visitors to your site are of a legal age with a Age Verification popup and registration restriction be age. Enforce across entire site, or selected category or product pages.

Product Custom Options /...

Add a wide variety of different options to your products to allow customers to personalise products without the need to manage large numbers of attribute combinations

Product Bundles Pro

Cross sell products by allowing customers to purchase bundles containing related products directly on product pages + incentivise with bundle discounts.

Post Code / Zip Code Blocker

Restrict shipping to certain postcodes either explicitly defined or partially defined postcodes using wild cards and/or regular expressions or postcode ranges

Product Area Packs

Allow customers to quickly calculate how many quantities of a product they will require based on area dimensions they enter on the product page.

Discount Countdown Pro

Displays a countdown timer for products on discount. Also allows customers to be reminded about the discount X number of days before it ends.

Cart Quotation Wizard

Fully featured Quotation system for your Prestashop store. Allow quotes to be downloaded as PDF, saved or emailed.

Category Fields

Add extra seo content to your category pages and display them anywhere on your category pages.

Free Product Gifts

Give away free add on gifts based on the products purchased. Easily define single or multiple free gifts for individual products and allow customers to pick their free gift directly from the product page.

Hide Carriers By Date Time

Hide or Show Carriers / Shipping methods during checkout based on specific days, weekdays and / or the time of the day

Newsletter Wizard Pro

Drag and drop responsive newsletter builder and email marketing solution to allow you put together professional responsive newsletters quickly and send them to highly targeted mailing lists

Product Price Area Table

Sell products for which the prices are based on table / matrix based prices. Customers can enter or select dimensions / sizes and the price will be determined based on your price tables

Product Samples

Sell samples of your products from the same product page without the need for you to create multiple versions of the same product.

Brand / Manufacturer Fields...

Add extra fields to your manufacturer / brand pages and display them anywhere on your brand pages and optimize your brand pages for SEO.

Extra Fields for Products

Add extra rich text fields to your products and display them anywhere on your product pages, homepage, category and search pages.

Scrolling Text Pro

Create stunning scrolling text tickers for your store and display them on your homepage and across various pages on your site.

Prescription Glasses

All in one solution for selling Prescription and non prescription glasses / spectacles through your Prestashop store.

Swift Checkout

streamlines the checkout process with a minimalistic, highly focused and clutter free checkout experience

Product Questions and...

Allow customers to post questions and see answers directly on product pages. Community driven approach to creating interactive and highly relevant product FAQs directly on your product pages.