Loyalty Reward Points


Loyalty Reward Points is an advanced loyalty reward points module for Prestashop. It comes packed with features designed to make it as easy as possible for customers to use loyalty points and as a consequence, increase your customer loyalty translating into repeat orders. The module is a all in one loyalty points solution to help maximise customer retention, reorders and friend referrals incentivised through a reward scheme.


The installation procedure is very much similar to most other Prestashop modules. No core changes are required therefore installation is straight forward. Be sure to follow the instructions below for a successful installation:

  1. Upload the module folder to your store’s module folder: {root}/modules/
  2. After uploading the module, in the Prestashop Back Office, head over the to the Modules section.
  3. Search for the module and choose the install option
  4. After a successful installation the module is ready to be used. Initially the module’s main configuration page will be displayed. We’ll take a look on how to use the module below.

Configuring the module

The module configuration allows you to edit settings related to the module. The module configuration screen is displayed immediately after a successful installation or can be accessed later using the configure link in the modules list.

Loyalty Reward Points Configuration

The first configuration page displayed is organised under three tabs: configure, global options and Insights.

The Configure tab lists all customer groups available within your store. The module can be configured for each customer group individually. The next tab Global Options will display the global options available for the module. Under the global options tab you will find the following settings:

Global Options

Automatic currency points configuration?

Enable this setting if you do not wish to configure and manage the points ratio and value manually. Instead these values will be taken automatically from your default currency with the relevant currency conversions applied.

To get started simply select the customer group to configure. Please note, you should configure each customer group.

When configuring the customer you will be presented with another screen, again, organised under two tabs general and point rules. Lets take a look at the general tab first.

Loyalty discounts can be combined with other vouchers?

This setting determines if the customer is allowed to redeem points if they have another voucher code active in their cart and vice versa (if they are allowed to redeem a voucher if they have already redeemed points).

Send reminder emails for un-redeemed points

Enable this option if you would like to send emails to your customer which have unused points in their account to remind them that they have unused points which can be used on their next order.

This option allows you to send up to 3 reminder emails to each customer. Use the fields to configure how many days after the customers most recent order each email should be sent and the subject line for each email.

General Tab

The General tab allows us to configure various aspects of the Loyalty Reward Points Program. The first panel is labelled General and presents the following options:

Loyalty Reward Points General Settings

Points are awarded when the order is

Select an order status from the list. It is only when an order is updated to this status that loyalty points will be awarded to the customer.

Points are cancelled when the order is:

Allow points to be revoked from the customer when an order is set to this status. For example, when an order is refunded.

Customer Referral Enabled?

Enabling this option will present the customer with a link in their account area which they can share with friends.

Points Expire After

If customer points should have a limited lifetime then enter the number of days in this field. Customers will then need to use the points within this period after which the points will expire. Enter 0 if the points should never expire.

The next series of forms allow you to set up the reward structure. A form is presented for each currency in your store. Lets take a look at the reward structure options.


The ratio between money spent and the loyalty points rewarded to the customer. In the example above the rate is set to reward 1 point per £1 the customer spends.

1 Point =

The monetary value of each point. Therefore the value in this field will determine how much each point is worth when the customer redeems their points in a future order.

Points for referring customer

The number of points the customer will be rewarded if they successfully refer a friend. For a referral to be considered successful, the friend must place an order and must be genuinely be a new customer. The customer includes measures to ensure referrals are genuine.

Points for friend.

To incentivise friends to place the first order through a referral they can receive a number of points to redeem against their first order; in effect giving them a first time discount. The value in this field determines how many points they should get.

Points for Birthday

If you wish to send your customers points on their birthday then enter how many points they should receive in this field. Leave the value as zero if you wish to disable this feature. More about this feature is discussed later in this guide.

Points for Newsletter Registration

Enter the number of points you wish to reward existing customers who sign up to your newsletter.

Minimum Cart Value

The minimum value of a cart required before a customer can redeem points.

Minimum Points required for redemption

The minimum points the customer must redeem during checkout.

We have now finished configuring the general options and the reward structure for the module and the module is ready to use. However the module also includes further options which can be configured under the Point Rules tab which we shall explore next.

Point Rules

The Point rules tab allows you to vary the amount of points rewarded for individual products or for categories of products. Furthermore you can apply a start and end date for these rules, creating limited time rules which could be a part of your promotions strategy in promoting certain products or categories of products. Lets take a look at this tab in more detail.

Loyalty Reward Points Point Rules

The left hand side presents a list of existing rules you may have already created, while the right hand side displays a form to create new or edit existing rules.

Lets take a look at the form in more detail.

Rule Enabled

Define if a rule is enabled or not.


Give your name a rule such as “batteries promotion”

Disable Points Redemption

When set to Yes, customers will not be able to redeem points against the products in this rule if they exist in the customer cart.

Impact operation on points

The impact on the points (configured in the main settings) this rule will apply. You may add points or multiply points by a certain amount or create a fixed number of points for the rule you are creating.

Impact the value on points

The number of additional points which should be rewarded per currency unit spent. For example, if you have configured to reward 1 point per 1€ (or whichever currencies your store uses) spent in the main settings, you can choose to double that in this rule.

Start Date / End Date

If you would like this rule to be active only within a limited time frame, then select a start and end date.

Product Category

If you would like this rule to apply to all products belonging to specific categories then select the categories from the category widget displayed.

Product Restrictions

If you would like this rule to be applied to only specific products, then enter the name into the field and select the products this rule should be applied to.

Loyalty Tiers

The Loyalty Tiers tab allows you to set up tiers. Tiers allow you to setup a reward hierarchy in which the more points the customer accumulates in their account through purchases in your store, the more points they earn.
Tiers are synonymous with bands, below are examples of tiers you could setup:

Bronze Shopper

Activated for the customer when they accumulate 100 points. Customer now earns 1 point for every 0.90€ they spend in your store.

Silver Shopper

Activated for the customer when they accumulate 200 points. Customer now earns 1 point for every 0.85€ they spend in your store.

When you open the Tiers the tab you’ll see the following form:

Loyalty Reward Points Reward Tiers

Lets take a look at the above form in more detail:

Tier name
Name of the Tier (for example, Silver Shopper)

The amount of points the customer must accumulate before the customer is promoted to this tier.

The amount that must be spent to earn a point.

The Loyalty Tier is a great way to encourage customer Loyalty in your store.

Birthday Points

Boost your customer loyalty by sending your customers free reward points on their birthday. The customer can then use these points on their next order to acquire a discount. The customer will receive an email on their birthday to let them know they have been rewarded with Birthday points. The module folder already includes an email for this, however you can customise this further for you store if necessary. The email templates can be found in: modules/loyaltyrewardpoints/mails


The Insights tab will provide you with statistical insights into the usage of loyalty points in your store and loyalty referral schemes (if this feature has been enabled), below is a screen shot showing the Insights tab:

Loyalty Reward Points Insights and Statistics

The insights displays statistic between a date range which you can select using the date controls. If no date range is selected then insights for the entire date range of statistic available will be displayed.

Below is a break down of the statistic displayed:

Referral Clicks

This statistic is only available if you have enabled the referral feature. When an existing customer shares their referral link with friends, each friend that opens the link is logged as a unique click and the total number of unique clicks is represented by the statistic.

Referral Orders

This statistic is related to the above statistic. This figure represents the number of unique orders placed through shared referral links.

Referral New Customers

This figure represents the number of users which have clicked through the referral link and created a new customer account but may or may not have placed an order.

Referral Redeemed total

Each new referral is award points to use for their first order (based on your configuration earlier). This figure represents the total monetary value of the points redeemed for these first time referral orders.

Orders with redeemed points

The number of orders that have been placed within the date range specified which have had points redeemed and exchanged for a discount.

Points redeemed

The total number of points redeemed by all customers for all orders within the date range specified.

Redeeming Customers

The total number of unique customers which have redeemed points within the date range specified.

Points Value Redeemed

The total value of all points redeemed by all customers within the date range specified.

Below the insight panels you will also see a table with two tabs:

Top referrers

This shows the top referring customers that have shared their referral links and successfully generated orders through their referral links with the specified date range.

Top Redeemers

This list of customers show the top redeemers in your store based on the total points they redeemed within the specified date range.

Cron Job

You will need to set up a cron job to allow the server to check for birthdays and send the emails each day. You can download the free Prestashop cron module to accomplish this or use a freeonline cron service such cron-job.org.

The cron job you create must call a specific url which is unique to your store and secure. You can find this url when you are configuring the module, see below.

Loyalty Reward Points Cron Settings

Managing Customer Points

Although customer points are rewarded and redeemed automatically through the ordering process, the module allow the merchant to add or subtract points from a customer account. One great use for this is to reward a customer who may have had a complaint about the shop or service in the aim to reinstate customer confidence and satisfaction in your store.

Managing Customer Points

To manage customer points head over to the Customers sections and click the customer you wish to manage points for. By scrolling down you’ll see the section above, which displays the total number of points a customer account possesses along with a transaction history of loyalty points for that customer.

Order Details

When viewing an order the module adds a new panel to the order detail page in the back office displaying the number points redeemed or rewarded for that particular order.

Loyalty Reward Points Managing Custyomer Points Order Details page

The Customer Journey

Now that the module has been configured in the back office we can follow the customer journey through your store to better understand how the loyalty points module works for the customer.

Product Page

The first change you will notice is to be found on the product page. The product page will now display the number of points that the potential customer will earn by purchasing the product along with the monetary discount value associated with those points.

Loyalty Reward Points showing on the Product page

Cart Page

The cart page displays two new elements. The first is below the cart in which the customer is informed of the number of points they will be rewarded based on the total value of the cart.

Loyalty Reward Points showing on the Cart page

The second you will find grouped with the cart totals panel where the customer can redeem existing points they may have by clicking the redeem now link. The customer can simply enter the number of points they wish to redeem and this will be applied as a discount to the order.

Customer Account

In the customer account area a new link is displayed which allows the customer to view the transaction history of points rewarded and redeemed.

Loyalty Reward Points Customer Account

After the customer clicks through to the Loyalty Points link they are presented with a page which displays the transaction history along with information about the number of points the customer currently has and information about the referral scheme.

Loyalty Reward Points Customer Account Page

This concludes the documentation, if you have any questions regarding the module you can get in touch with me directly through Prestashop via the button below.

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