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Product Bundles Pro allows you to cross sell products on your store by grouping them into bundles and tabs and offering a discount when selected products are purchased as a bundle straight from your product pages. It’s a great way to increase your average cart order value and make it easier for customers to buy a group of products from one page.


The installation procedure is very much similar to most other Prestashop modules. No core changes required therefore installation is straight forward, be sure to follow the instructions below to ensure a successful installation.

  • Upload the module folder to your stores {root}/modules folder
  • Once uploaded, login to your Prestashop Back Office and head over to the Modules section
  • Search for the module and click Install
  • After a successful installation, the module configuration screen is presented to you. More details on this in the next section


Configuring the module

The module configuration allows you to set up your global configuration options. From this screen you can set up your tabs.


The settings under the general tab allow you to configure the global options related to the module. Below are the list of options available:

Configuring the module General Options

Enabled in Quick View?
Select if the module should be displayed in the quick view popup.

Display Attributes of the parent product in the bundle?
If enabled the attributes for the main (parent) product will be displayed in the bundle for the customer to make their selection. When this option is disabled, the attributes will not be displayed and instead the selected attribute from the main product in the product page will be used by the module when the bundle is added to the cart.

Display Quantity field in bundle?

If enabled the customer will have the option to add multiple quantities of a bundle to the cart.

Display multiple bundles in a slider?

When enabled, for those products which have multiple bundles, the bundles will be displayed in a slider allowing the user to scroll be either using the slider arrows or by swiping across between bundles. When disabled, bundles are displayed stacked in a vertical fashion.

Bundle discounts can be combined with other vouchers?

Disable this option to prevent customers from redeeming other voucher codes while a bundle discount is active in the cart. Enable it to allow customers to redeem other voucher codes in parallel with bundle discounts.

Choose the layout display for the bundles on the product page.

Display Location
Choose the location on the product page the bundles for the product should be displayed in.


What are tabs and why do I need them?

Merchants who wish to create a large number of bundles to be displayed on the product page could potentially end up confusing or frustrating customers with a large list of bundles to scroll through.

Therefore the module allows you to group your bundles under specific tabs. For example, if you’re selling bed frames and with it you wish to offer bundle products such as Bed Frame + Mattress or Bed Frame + Pillows you could create tabs such as “Memory Foam Mattresses”, “Spring Mattresses”, “Pillows” and so on. Helping keep your product page organised and easy for your customers to find what they need quickly.

If your product page makes use of only one tab, then tabs will be hidden by default.. Tabs are only displayed when there is more than one tab available. You’ll learn how to set up tabs and bundles for your products later in this document. Below is a screen shot of the tabs configuration screen:

Configuring tabs for your product bundles

Add a tab

If you’ve decided you will need tabs, go ahead and click the Add a tab button and enter the title of your tab.. Add as many tabs as you think you will need. You can always come back to this screen later if you need to add more.

Creating your bundles

After creating your tab head over to a edit product for which you wish to create bundles for. On the edit product page open the new tab Product Bundles Pro.

You should see the following screen:

The screen above shows a list of bundle along with the option to disable the main add to cart button for the parent product. If you want your customers to only be able to purchase bundled products rather than the individual parent product then you can disable the parent product add to cart button here.

You can either create a new bundle or duplicate an existing bundle from another product, we shall take a look at both.

Creating a bundle for your product

Add a Bundle

Because we haven’t yet created any bundles you will see an empty list with a button below labelled Add a Bundle. Click the button and a popup should appear as show in the screenshot below.

Adding a new bundle popup

Bundle Enabled
Select whether or not the bundle is enabled. When disabled the bundle will not be displayed on the product page.

Allow product selection

When enabled, the customer will be able to choose which products in a bundle they want to add to their cart (when more than one product in
the bundle exists). When disabled, the customer will be unable to choose and all products will be added as part of thje bundle to the cart and if the customer deletes any of the products in the bundle from their cart, the discount for that bundle will no longer be applied to their cart.

Discount Scope
By default you have the ability to define a unique discount amount for each child product in your bundle. This option is pre-selected by default
However you can also a single discount to all the products in a bundle (including the parent product) by selecting the option Apply a global
discount for this bundle
and entering the discount amount as a percentage.

Bundle name
Choose a name for your bundle. The name of this bundle will appear as the discount description for the bundle during checkout and in your
orders in the back office.

Choose a tab
As mentioned earlier, each bundle you create will be grouped under tabs. If all your bundles are grouped under the same single tab, then no tabs will be displayed on the product page. Choose a tab from the drop down under which you wish to displayed the bundle under.

Add a Product

Each bundle can have one or products added to them. When the customer adds the bundle to the cart, the parent product along with all the products you added to bundle will be added to the cart together. Go ahead, click the add a product button and you should see some more options appear:

Add / Edit product in a bundle

Display when out of stock
Should the product be displayed in the bundle when it is out of stock?

Product name
Start typing in the name of the product you want to add. As you type, a list will appear from which you can select the product to be added.

Apply a discount of
Products purchased as part of a bundle can be discounted. It’s a great incentive to offer your customers. You can set up two types of discounts : a percentage based, or a fixed amount.

Enter the quantity of this product that should be added to the cart when the bundle it belongs to is added to the cart.

Now you’ve finished setting up the module and the bundles you have created will appear on the product in your store front.

Copy bundle from a product

Press the copy bundle from a product button to open the popup which will allow you duplicate a bundle from another product. You should see the screen below:

Select a tab to copy the bundle into first and then start typing in the name of the product you wish top copy the bundle from. Select the product when it appears in the list. If the selected product has bundles, they will be displayed on the right hand side. Simply select a bundle and click the Add button. This will duplicate the bundle.

Bundles in your store front

Now that you’ve set up your bundle, they should be visible in your store front. The bundle design and layout will depend on the layout you have selected in the module configuration page.

Below are a couple of examples of bundles on the product page.

Full width responsive bundle layout

And another example below

Half width responsive bundle layout

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