Loyalty Reward Points Prestashop Module Updates

April 2024

We are delighted to announce the release of a new Major version of the Loyalty Reward Points module. This major release includes the following updates and improvements

  • Complete rehaul of the module back office interface. The Back Office interface now takes complete advantage of up-to date modern Prestashop and Symfony code. This not provides a much smoother and more robust user experience for store owners, it also provides improved performance, reliability, security and will make the module more future proof to your store upgrades.
  • The Front end code has also been completely rewritten to take advantage of modern Prestashop and Symfony code.
  • Complete redesign of the module and the presentation in the store front. The module design presented in your store front, which includes the product pages, checkout etc, has a major facelift providing with a more modern and fresh look and feel. It looks and works great on Mobile too.
  • Improvements to the Loyalty Tiers: Loyalty Tiers now come with some preinstalled options such as Bronze, Silver and Gold which can you can utilise. The module takes care of the rest, even the presentation of the Tiers to the customer in your store front has been taken care of.

September 2023

With the release of version 2.2.5, two new features have been introduced.

Loyalty Tiers

The new feature allows you to set up loyalty hierarchies allowing you to encourage /further loyalty and conversions. Customers can now earn more points when they are promoted to higher reward tiers / bands defined by you.

Disable redemption against specific products

Another new feature added to this version allows you to define which products in your store points cannot be redeemed against. The rule which resides under Product Rules configuration can be applied to multiple products or even categories.

Older News

Rewarding points for purchases is almost a staple of e-commerce features designed to increase customer loyalty, spend and repeat orders as well as giving something back to your loyal customers in appreciation for their custom.

However a significant percentage of your customers may never return to your site or simply forget they ever shopped with you in the first place even if they have accumulated loyalty points.

The December 2020 update to the Loyalty Reward Points module for Prestashop now includes a new feature allowing you to send customers emails reminding them they have unused loyalty points in their account waiting to be used.

You can send up to 3 emails and configure the number of days after their most recent order to send the reminder email. Each reminder email can be configured to be sent a different number of days after the customers last order.

Loyalty Reward Points on Prestafusion.com

Loyalty Reward Points on the official Addons site

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