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May 2024

Version 2.2.4

Minor update to the module fixes the display of customizations for bundled products in the cart

March 06 2024

Version 2.2.3

This maintenance release of the module addresses the following issues

  • Fix bug related to updating the display order of products in a bundle
  • Fix bug related to the bundles in the cart
  • Fix bug calculating bundle price on the Front office product pages

Update 25th May 2023

The latest version of the module 2.2.0 leverages new Prestashop cart features introduced in Prestashop 1.7 and Prestashop 8 to handle bundles in the cart. As a result much of the code responsible for handling bundles in the cart has been rewritten.

Bi-directional bundles are now supported, meaning that if you now create a bundle for a product, all the child products in the bundle can also display the same bundle on their respective product pages when you enable this option. You no longer have to create bundles manually for each product in the bundle.

Previous Updates

A new version of Product Bundles Pro for Prestashop has been released. This latest version (2.1.6) introduces several new features to help you get the most out cross selling products in your online store and manage bundles with this module.

The first feature is an option added to the general options. The new option allows you to prevent the customer from redeeming vouchers in the cart when a product bundle discount is already active.

The second feature is the ability to mass delete bundles from multiple products or across categories rapidly from the mass assign tab in the module configuration. The module already allows you to mass assign bundles to multiple products but was lacking a complimentary mass delete feature.

The third feature feature and most exciting feature is the ability to display bundles in the form of a slider rather than vertically stacked on top of each other. This is a great feature for those products which have multiple bundles which need displaying in a more compact fashion. Of course, this is an option so for those who do not wish to use the slider, the option can simply be turned off.

multiple product bundles displayed as a slider
Multiple product bundles displayed as a slider

A product bundle discount would be active if you have created bundles which apply a discount if the customer purchased a product together with other products as part of a bundle. This is a great way to cross sell products directly on the product page. It is particularly invaluable to retailers selling certain products which are often purchased together with other products by customers.

Product Bundles Pro makes it much more convenient for customers to purchase products together with a single click and you can further encourage them to do by offering them discounts if they do. For the retailer it provides the obvious benefit of increasing average cart value for your orders.

If you are not already using Product Bundles Pro for Prestashop, check it out below. It could help increase sales and order values for your Prestashop store.

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