Product Custom Options / Attributes Updates

Version 3.0.2

May 2024

  • Improve compatibility with more themes
  • Fix product quantity back office display issue in Prestashop 1.7
  • Fix issue loading module assets in the back office when the store is installed into a subfolder
  • Fix Php 7 syntax issues
  • Fix bug which did not updated prices in the front end when switching currencies

Version 3.0.1

March 2024

This maintenance release of the module brings the following bug fixes and improvements

  • Minor cosmetic fixes for the custom options displayed on the product pages
  • Fixed a an issue which prevented native Prestashop customizations being saved to the cart when the product also used this module
  • Fixed a bug which was interfering with the Mass Assign feature
  • Fixed a bug which in some cases resulted in incorrect price calculations for product custom options which price impacts
  • Fixed a bug which prevented options from being deleted from the back office
  • Fixed a bug which allowed multiple radio options to be selected on the product page
  • Fixed a bug which resulted in incorrect price calculation when using percentage based price impacts
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing weight impacts for options being saved in the back office.
  • Added the display of price impacts next to each option in dropdown options
  • Fixed a bug in which price impacts were not applied to textbox options
  • Observe Prestashop customer group discounts and tax display settings when presenting price for cuistom options
  • Add Product product price by size integration for Prestashop 8
  • Fix a bug which did not save the character limit property for text box options in the back office
  • Add support for Negative price impacts
  • Add weight impact calculations support

Version 3.0.0

February 2023

The latest version of the Product Custom Options & Attributes module for Prestashop has been released and is now available on Prestafusion and the Prestashop Addons Marketplace.

This version of the module is a complete and comprehensive rewrite of the module which allows it to leverage the latest features of Prestashop 8 to bring you a more stable and secure module.

It is for this reason the module is not compatible with previous versions of the module and an upgrade is only advised if you are able to reinstall the module from ground zero. Version 3 and higher will only be compatible with Prestashop 8 and higher.