Product Price By Size Updates

This module discusses the latest update to the Product Price By Size module. A module which calculates a dynamic product price based on area, length, volume, weight and more.

Below you’ll find a list of the most recent updates to the module.

Learn more about the Product Price by Size module here. The module is also available on the official Prestashop Addons Marketplace.

Version 2.1.17

March 2024

  • Add support for the Cart Quotation Wizard module. Now custom measurements for a product may also be added to quotes and prices calculated dynamically based on measurements / weight in the quote itself.
  • Fix back office bug which caused the settings not to be displayed in certain conditions

Version 2.1.12

June 9 2023

Round function in equations

Support for the use of math round function in custom equations has been added.

Version 2.1.11

April 4 2023

  • Fix bug related to Creative Elements compatibility
  • Display total area when custom equations are being used
  • Install missing table for equation variables

Older versions

A new version of Product Price By Size for Prestashop has been released, version 2.0.23.

The most recent update to the module, released in November 2019, allows you to mass assign the configuration of a product across multiple products or categories across you store. The feature was introduced as we received feedback from some users of the module highlighting the time consuming problem of manually inputting settings for each product individually which was a major issue for some store owners with a catalog of hundreds or even thousands of products.

This newly introduced feature now allows you to copy settings from a product across multiple products and / or categories in your store. You can then further refine the settings at the product level should the necessity arise.

You can upgrade or download the module below.

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