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Find the latest updates for the Scrolling Text Pro Module for Prestashop on this page.

If you have already purchased this module you can download the latest version from your Prestafusion account.

Learn more about the Delivery Dates Wizard Pro module here. The module is also available on the official Prestashop Addons Marketplace

Version 2.2.24

May 2024

This maintenance update brings the following minor updates

  • The delivery date for an order is now included in the Order Presented array, which should make it available in most places in the store front via the smarty array for an order.
  • Fix an issue with occurring with ets one page checkout module occurring which caused the selected delivery date to disappear when a payment option is selected

Version 2.2.23

March 2024

This release of Delivery Dates Wizard pro implements the following bug fixes and improvements:

  • Fix bug occurring in Prestashop 8.1.2 and higher
  • Allow min days / order reparation days to be adjusted by product combination
  • Integration with PT One page checkout module

Version 2.2.19

6th June 2023

Fix selection validation for ETS onepage checkout module.

Older Versions

We’re delighted to announce the release of the latest update to the Delivery Dates Wizard Pro module for Prestashop.

Delivery Dates Wizard Pro is currently trending as the most popular module for allowing customers to select delivery dates and times during checkout as well as displaying estimated shipping dates and time on the product pages and checkout.

The latest version (2.1.0) introduces a few minor bug fixes as well as introducing a new feature to allow store owners to limit the number of orders that can be placed during a specific week day. The limit can vary weekday to weekday or even vary further for specific dates in the year. Previous versions of the module only allowed the number of orders placed to be limited by time slot.

The new feature is great for store owners who have a limited capacity for delivering orders and was implemented after several users of the module requested the feature be made available.

If you’re already using the delivery dates wizard pro module, we hope you’ll find the new feature useful and if you are considering using the module for your Prestashop store, you can read more about the module or download it by following the link below.

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