WordPress blog posts on product pages

This article talks about the latest update released for the wordpress blog posts module for Prestashop. A module which allows you to display your latest wordpress blog posts in your Prestashop store.

Version 2.1.1 of the module was released earlier this month (October 2019) and includes an exciting new feature, a feature which had been requested by many users of the module in the past. The new feature allows you to display blog posts on specific product pages in Prestashop from specific blog categories from your wordpress blog.

Why was this feature added

After receiving many requests for this feature from existing users of the module, it only made sense that this feature should be added to the module.

The feature adds value to your Product pages, by allowing you to display links to blog posts directly related to your product or product category. This should help with seo efforts for those of you who regularly update your blog as it will result in fresh content appearing on your product pages and the frequency a page is updated is one of the metrics used in ranking pages in the search engines.

You can upgrade or download the module below.

Get WordPress Blog Posts for Prestashop

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