Age Verify April 2020 Update

The Age Verify module for Prestashop has received a much needed face lift this month. The module has more more or less been rewritten from scratch and in the process both the User Interface and the module features have received a much needed boost.

Below are a summary of the latest improvements to the April 2020 version of the module (version 2.1)

Back office User Interface

A Complete redevelopment of the back office user Interface for the module bringing about a much needed cosmetic face lift for the module interface and an all round more pleasant user experience when configuring the module.

Multiple Age Verification Methods

The module now provides 3 methods of verifying the age of the customer.

Consent popup
This method (also available in previous versions) displays a popup and simply asks the customer to verify they meet the age requirements of your store. The customer must click a button to the effect of ‘I agree’ to continue using the site

Registration form
This method was also available in the previous versions of the module. The customer date of birth entered registration form is checked during customer registration and the customer is prevented from registering if there date of birth does not validate them being over the age restriction of your site.

Date of birth popup
The new method introduced in this version of the module. You can choose to display a popup in to which the customer must enter their date of birth. The module will validate their age and refuse the customer access to the site if they do not meet the age requirement.

Popup designer

In this latest update to the module, the module now allows you configure the colors and appearance of the pop up displayed in your site. You no longer need to adjust the module CSS to get the module to match your site theme, it can all be done effortlessly from the module configuration.

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