Delivery Dates Wizard now compatible with Amazon Pay

After consultation with Amazon, we are proud to announce the release an update to the Delivery Dates Wizard Pro module making the module work along side Prestashop stores using Amazon Pay

Delivery Dates Wizard is now one of the most popular Prestashop module for allowing customers to select a delivery date and time for their orders based on flexible schedules which can be determined by the store owner.

Until recently the module was not compatible with Amazon Pay. Amazon Pay allows customers to checkout directly using their Amazon accounts. After a few weeks of consultation and collaboration with Amazon we are now delighted to announce the latest versions of Delivery Dates Wizard Pro is now fully compatible with Amazon Pay. This means customers checking out With Amazon Pay on your Prestashop store will be able to select a delivery date and time for their order.

You can find a full description of the module on the addons store or take a look at detailed documentation outlining the installation and usage of the module also available on the Prestashop addons store.

The modules are available on the Prestashop addons store:

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