Free Product Gifts 2.1.5 for Prestashop released

A new version of Free Product Gifts for Prestashop has been released, version 2.1.5.

Free Product Gifts is a module for Prestashop which is designed to increase conversions by encouraging customers to purchase a product by rewarding them with a free add on gift product when the y purchase specific products in your store

The recent update to the module now introduces the ability to not only reward free gifts for specific products, but you can now reward free gifts for certain variants / attributes of a product. An example of this could be something similar to the scenario below.

You sell a T-Shirt which comes in various sizes and colors and you wish to give away another product as a free gift when they purchase the T-Shirt in the large size only. The update to the module now allows you to define which variants a free gift is available for in the back office.

The feature was added to the module after numerous requests for this feature had been received and we hope the addition to the feature will be welcomed by existing users of the module and useful for new potential users.

You can upgrade or download the module below

Download Free Product Gifts for Prestashop

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