Delivery Distances in Delivery Dates Wizard Pro

We’re delighted to announce a new feature introduced to the June 2020 update to the Delivery Dates Wizard Pro module for Prestashop. The new feature allows your store to limit deliveries to customers based on radius distance. This is especially useful for local stores offering home deliveries while needing to limit the delivery radius they […]

Scrolling Text Pro Updates

Find the latest updates for the Scrolling Text Pro Module for Prestashop on this page. If you have already purchased this module you can download the latest version from your Prestafusion account. Learn more about the Scrolling Text Pro module here. The module is also available on the official Prestashop Addons Marketplace. Version 2.0.4 February […]

Extra Product Fields Prestashop Updates

Version 2.0.7 6th June 2023 Minor update to the module fixes the loading of the field content editor in Prestashop 8 and higher

Delivery Dates Wizard now compatible with Amazon Pay

After consultation with Amazon, we are proud to announce the release an update to the Delivery Dates Wizard Pro module making the module work along side Prestashop stores using Amazon Pay

Integrating Product Price By Size with Attribute Wizard Pro

If you’re using the Attribute Wizard Pro Module for Prestashop then you’ll soon find yourself running into problems with other modules which hook into Presashops cart functions. This is because Attribute Wizard Pro overrides and hijacks some of the core Prestashop cart functions. Although it is recommended to use the native Prestashop attributes / combinations […]

Routing ajax requests the correct way in your Prestashop modules

While working on a client website recently, I ran into a strange issue concerning ajax requests in custom modules and Prestashop cookies. The problem was that any Prestashop urls in the store which did not contain the language as a path element in the url would generate a different default Prestashop cookie, in essence, disregarding […]

Delivery Dates Wizard Pro released for Prestashop 1.7

Prestashop 1.7 was released late this year in November 2017 and since then the Prestashop team have been busy working on bug fixes and improvements with the current version (at the time of writing this article) being Prestashop 1.7 introduces new features, a modern looking and responsive default theme for the store front and […]

Carriers by Date Time Released for Prestashop

I’m delighted to announce the release of my latest new addition to the Prestashop module catalog – Carriers by Date Time module. The module will be useful for store owners who need to hide specific delivery methods / carriers in their store based on the date and time. The module provides a good deal of […]

Adding variables & html tags to smarty translation strings in Prestashop

When displaying text, whether it be for your theme, module or simply a front end customization you are working on, the best practice is to use smarty strings to display text rather than hard coding the text. This provides the advantage of being translatable through the back office. Even if your online store targets only […]

Birthday Emails with Loyalty Reward Points

This post talks about the latest update to the Loyalty Reward Points module version 2.1.18 for Prestashop. We’ve all received a happy birthday email from a company we’ve shopped with before or used the services of. Birthday emails are good for business and when used correctly can return better conversion rates than traditional digital engagement […]